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I HAVE WRITTEN FIVE BOOKS TO DATE (See the next page also))

In 2003 I completed my first book (GOD IN OUR MIDST) and had it published! It gave me an immense measure of satisfaction to know that I undertook an involved, drawn out project and eventually accomplished my objective.

To date I have written five books and have had them published. FAMOUS PEOPLE SPEAK ABOUT JESUS (Xlibris Corporation) was published in 2004; TRANSFORMED LIVES (Xlibris Corporation) was released 2005; EVOLUTION: BEYOND THE REALM OF REAL SCIENCE (Xulon Press) was published in 2007 and THE DA VINCI CODE REVISITED (Xlibris Coproration) in 2010. 

GOD IN OUR MIDST (Xlibris Corporation)


  I encourage you to secure copies of my books and read them! They are books with important religious messages. They are especially applicable to the troubling times in which we live!

I am working on additional writing projects at the present time. Do check from time to time. Maybe you will see something that might interest you! Thanks for visiting!

The books shown on this page can be ordered via phone; fax; email or the Internet!

By Phone: 1 888 795 4274 x276  or 1 215 923 4686

By Fax:     1 215 599 0114

By Email:

Online:       http://www/



By Mail:    Xlibris Corporation,

                  436 Walnut Street

                  11th Floor


                  PA 19106

TRANSFORMED LIVES (Xlibris Corporation)


Actually, my books can be ordered from just about any reputable bookseller. All you have to do is visit the nearest bookstore and ask for either of the books by name and/or by author's name. Alternatively, you can use any of the major Internet search engines like Yahoo or Google to locate sources that would sell the books. Here again, simply use the name of the book and/or of the author.

Of course, any of the Xlibris books can be purchased directly from  and the Xulon Press book may be ordered directly from www.xulonpress/Bookstore.